Art Noveau Bowl | Porcelain | 1930
Art Noveau Bowl | Porcelain | 1930Art Noveau Bowl | Porcelain | 1930 | Royal DuxArt Noveau Bowl | Porcelain | 1930 | Detail | Manufacturer's trademarkArt Noveau Bowl | Porcelain | 1930 | Royal Dux in Duchcov

Art Nouveau Bowl | Royal Dux in Duchcov | around 1930 | Porcelain | Secession | Accessories - interior, Porcelain | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques

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The plinth of irregular form, decorated with Art-Nouveau-shaped water lilies, bears a shell with a resting naked girl whose bosom is merely covered by a flowing drapery. The other girl, also scantily dressed, is only climbing onto the top of the shell. The porcelain extension in the Art Nouveau style is a product of the Duchcov porcelain factory from the period of the so-called First Republic, i.e. the 1920s and 1930s. It is made of porcelain whose outer side is executed in painted biscuit while its inner side is enameled.


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