Snake Charmer
 Snake CharmerCeramic | Royal DuxSnake Charmer | Art DecoCeramic | Royal Dux | Bohemia | Manufacturer's trademark

Snake Charmer | Royal Dux in Duchcov | around 1930 | Ceramic | 27 x 11 x 18 cm | Art Deco | Sculpture, Ceramics | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques

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The oval grooved base bears a figure of a naked woman who is solely clad in a golden decorative belt holding an orange drapery flowing down. The hands and legs are decorated with golden bracelets, and the woman has an Oriental diadem on her head. She plays a flute, invoking a green cobra which curls into ball before her. The snake-charmer represents a free variant of a similar porcelain sculpture from the Rosenthal production range and it is a ceramic product of the company Royal Dux. It originates from the Art Deco period.


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