Irish Setter
Irish SetterIrish Setter | PorcelainPorcelain | GermanyRosenthal | Fritz Heidenreich

Fritz Heidenreich | Irish Setter | Rosenthal | 1950 - 1980 | Porcelain | 17 x 12 x 10 cm | Porcelain, Sculpture | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 402

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The porcelain sculpture represents an Irish setter who sits on its hind legs, has an open maw and its tongue is stuck out. The dog is executed rather realistically which is emphasized by the masterly monochrome paint under glazing, i.e. style so characteristic of Rosenthal. The figure’s model number is 1677 and the piece was created by Fritz Heidenreich (1895–1966) in 1937, who worked for Rosenthal between 1919 and 1960. The figure of the setter on display was produced in the company’s art department in the period after the Second World War.


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