Solicitude SolicitudeSolicitude | Germany
Porcelain | RosenthalFerdinand Liebermann | 1910Secession | Germany | 1910Rosenthal | Manufacturer's trademark

Ferdinand Liebermann | Solicitude | Rosenthal | 1910 | Porcelain | 9 x 14 x 6 cm | Secession | Sculpture, Porcelain | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques

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The rectangular base supports a white faun with blue-grey hair. The faun faces a brownish penguin and the two figures gesticulate vividly. A grayish crab lies between the two. The sculpture is made of porcelain painted under the glazing. The designer of the model no. 84 originating from 1910 was Ferdinand Liebermann (1883-1941) who had worked for the Rosenthal porcelain manufacture since 1909. As suggested above, the figure on display can be dated to the pre-war period.


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