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Daniel Pirsc | contemporary designFiligree Vase | Pirsc Porcelain | BohemiaDaniel Pirsc | porcelain | contemporary designwhite porcelain | czech design | filigree vase

Daniel Piršč | Filigree Vase | PIRSC PORCELAIN | Contemporary | Porcelain | 45 cm | Porcelain | signed | Design | price: EUR 364 incl. VAT

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The vase “Filigrán” (Filigree) is the largest product of the studio Pirsc Porcelain. It is of a conical shape and its upper, cupola-shaped part bears hand-cut ornaments. Equally as other products of the Pirsc Porcelain studio, the vase “Filigrán” is produced in manufacture conditions under the personal supervision of the studio’s owner, Daniel Piršč, and it comes with a quality certificate. It can be ordered in the total price over 2000 CZK which is compensated by a 10% discount from retail price. Please check the availability of the artifact for it can be temporarily out of stock.


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