Ondřej Elfmark | Compact | glass Ondřej Elfmark | Compact | glass
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Ondřej Elfmark | Karafa Compact | 2008 | Blown Glassware | 25 x 15 x 15 cm | Glass | signed | Design | price: EUR 94

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The “Compact” decanter and tumbler were designed by Ondřej Elfmark in 2008. The form is inspired by the Cubist architecture and designs created by architects Pavel Janák and Josef Gočár in 1910–1915. The mold-blown glass decanters are manufactured in the Květná Moravian Glassworks, in limited series and different color variations. Potential customers will kindly send a query as to which of the color variants are currently available. If these are out of stock, the requested item will be produced and supplied within three weeks from the date the order is made. The number of the desired material is limited. Please verify the availability of the original item before ordering.


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