Secession Vase | 1900 - 1910 | Lötz Witwe Klastersky Mlyn  

Secession Vase | Lötz Witwe Klášterský Mlýn, Czech Republic | 1900 - 1910 | Blown Glassware | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | Antiques

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This vase of green glass is a typical example of products originating from the company Lötz Witwe, active in the city of Klášterský Mlýn, and it can be dated to c. 1900. The cone shape was first blown into form and subsequently metallurgically formed, which not only resulted in the intentional deformation of its bottom part, but also in the triple-lobed neck. The decoration, known as Creta Formosa, is welded-on glass threads. The surface is irised; hence the opalescent glow of the piece.


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