Set of three candlesticks | Classicism Set of three candlesticks | ClassicismCandlestick (one of three) | Prague 1818

Set of three candlesticks | 1818 | Chased silver | 26 x 18 x 18 cm | Classicism | Accessories - interior, Silverware | Antiques | price: EUR 4 014

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The three candlesticks were created after hallmarks in Prague in 1818. The candlestick rests on a rounded, articulated base culminating in a spherical globe. The base continues in a cone-shaped leg with belabored decoration on top and is apparently Empire-influenced. It is followed by a fitting with a bowl-shaped, nick-decorated edge. The candlesticks are made of silver of 18 lots purity. While the surfaces of the base and the fitting are polished, the finish of the leg is matt, a combination which is very pleasing to the eye.


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