Lötz Witwe Vase | Secession
Lötz Witwe Vase | SecessionLötz Witwe Vase | Secession | 1900 - 1910Lötz Witwe Vase | Secession | Creta DiasporaLötz Witwe Vase | Secession | Detail | Creta Diaspora

Lötz Witwe Vase | Lötz Witwe Klášterský Mlýn, Czech Republic | 1900 - 1910 | 21 x 11 x 11 cm | Secession | Glass | Antiques | price: EUR 1 435

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The cone-shaped vase rests on a rounded base. Its neck has the form of a square whose points are densely shaped into small lobes. The vase is made of clear glass with smelted-on scales of green glass. The external part of the vase is decorated with small hollows of varying dimensions, creating uneven trails. The surface of the vase was covered with an iris, which results in opalescent effect. This decoration is called Creta Diaspora. The vase was produced by the famed glassworks Loetz Witwe from the city of Klášterský Mlýn.


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