Coral Necklace | Jewelry | Coral, diamond Coral Necklace | Jewelry | Coral, diamondCoral Necklace | Jewelry | Coral, diamond | 1885

Coral Necklace | around 1885 | 50 x 30 cm | Tombac, Jewlery, Diamond, Natural Coral | Antiques | price: EUR 940

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The necklace is made of yellow gold of 14 carat purity, i.e. 585/1000. Its total weight is 14.40 grams. The center of the necklace is formed by an oval Mediterranean coral, of an exceptional size 22 x 16 millimeters. It is surrounded by a ring decorated with black enamel which is set with diamond rose cuts. Two oblong coral pendants, each 6 millimeters long, hang down. The item on display represents a work originating from the Austrian-Hungarian region and it can be dated to the last third of the 19th century.


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