Spinel Necklace | Secession Spinel Necklace | SecessionNáhrdelník se spinely | Secession | JewelryJewelry | Secession | 1905

Spinel Necklace | around 1910 | 40 x 30 cm | Secession | Gold, Gemstones, Jewlery | Antiques | price: EUR 733

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The necklace is made of yellow and pink gold of 14 carat purity, i.e. 585/1000. Its total weight is 8.25 grams. The center of the necklace is formed by a circle which is inside decorated with belabored foliage and set with white sapphires and spinels, one of rounded and the other one of oval shape. Three pendants hang down from the circle, again decorated with foliage and enclosed by teary spinels. Two rounded spinels moreover decorate the chain. The necklace in the Art Nouveau style originates from Central Europe and it can be dated to the period around 1910.


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