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Empire Style Clock | around 1810 | Wood | 60 x 25 x 15 cm | Empire | Clock | Antiques

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The four lentil-shaped legs bear a rectangular base with two wooden gilded sphinx. The sphinx and the rear prism-shaped legs bear the body of the clock which culminates with the segment shield carrying a wooden gilded eagle. The white varnished clock dial is protected by a door of convex glass. The dial has Roman ciphers and its center is decorated with slitting. The clock is executed of black-dipped polished wood with cast brass appliqués. The mechanism is of the anchor, pendulum type with quarter chime. It is a work originating from the area of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and it can be dated to the period around 1810. The clock was partially renovated. The clock is fully functional, on which a one-year guarantee is provided.


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