Vase with Engraved Flowers
Vase with Engraved FlowersSecession | MoserVase with Engraved Flowers | BohemiaGlass | Moser | Secession

Vase with Engraved Flowers | Moser | 20th century | 26 x 14 x 9 cm | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques

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The vase is of a rhomboid ground plan. The four-sided body of translucent glass is decorated with deep engraving of flowers. The inner side is made of blue glass which results in an interesting optical effect. This type of deep engraving was first introduced by Moser around 1900. In despite of its Art Nouveau stylization, the decoration is a naturalistic representation of a flower. The vase is signed by an etching; the signature, however, does not allow for correct dating.


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