Grandmother Clock Grandmother Clock
Grandmother Clock | EuropeSecession | ClockGrandmother Clock | Clock-faceClock mechanism | Europe | Around 1910

Grandmother Clock | around 1910 | Wood | 88 x 30 x 13 cm | Secession | Clock | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price upon request

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The wall case clock (the so-called grandfather clock) is of a simple prism shape and it is made of veneered wood. The lower two thirds of the front door are glazed. The clock dial is of silvered brass and it bears Arabian ciphers. Its center is decorated with an Art Nouveau-style Antique goddess with a putto, executed in low relief. The cylinders of the bob and the pendulum are decorated in a similar way. The mechanism, signed Gustav Becker, is of the anchor, pendulum type with a half chime to two resonance sticks. The item on display is a clock produced either in Germany or Bohemia around 1910. The clock is fully functional, on which a one-year guarantee is provided.


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