Tigress with Her Puppy Tigress with Her Puppy
Porcelain | Denmark1900 - 1950 | PorcelainTigress with Her Puppy | Bing & GrondahlDenmark | Bing & Grondahl

Tigress with Her Puppy | Bing & Grondahl | 20th century | Porcelain | 18 x 30 x 14 cm | Porcelain, Sculpture | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 615

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Tigress and Its Cub The sculpture features a mature tigress with its cub seated at her forelimbs. The mother lovingly licks the cub’s head while it plays with its mother’s tail. The sculpture is made of porcelain painted under the glazing, i.e. a technology characteristic of the company Bing & Grondahl based in Copenhagen. The brand suggests that the item on display originates from the first half of the 20th century.


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