Czech Modern Sofa | 1930 - 1950  

Czech Modern Sofa | 1930 - 1950 | Banded Tube | 67 x 190 x 82 cm | Functionalism | Modernism | Furniture | Seating, Furniture | Antiques

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The sofa’s body was made in Bohemia in 1930–1950. It consists of a steel frame with a steel-wire mesh supported by two side racks whose upper parts serve as elbow rests. They are made of bent steel tubes with electroplated chrome finish. The original simple straw upholstery was replaced with a new one which not only meets the modern demands for comfortable seating but makes the sofa a quite original design artifact. The addition of a backrest bearing against the tube back also makes it possible to place the sofa in the middle of a room. The polished chrome contrasts with black leather which is easy to treat.


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