Figural Vase Figural Vase
Ceramic | AustriaSecession | CeramicFigural Vase | SecessionAustria | 1925

Figural Vase | around 1925 | Ceramic | 33 x 21 x 12 cm | Secession | Ceramics, Sculpture | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 335

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The body of the ceramic vase on display is of oddly amorphous form which most probably represents a tree trunk with outgrowing berrylike fruit. The rather unclear meaning of the object is moreover underlined by the orange-beige color. The green-glazed bust of a young boy drinking from a bowl grows out from the side. The vase follows an Art Nouveau style. The mark AUSTRIA suggests that the object was made in Austria during the interwar period.


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