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Moser | Vase Moser | Moser | 1920 - 1930 | 17 x 11 x 11 cm | Art Deco | Glass | Moser Carlsbad | Antiques

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The vase is made of highly-valued uranium glass which was produced in Bohemia from the 1830s. The body of the vase, growing out from a low foot, first sharply widens and then gradually narrows towards the edge. The surface is cut into ten facets, while the central part is decorated with a ring with an oroplastic frieze with the motif of armed amazons, very characteristic of Moser. The vase was created around 1925 when the production of the Carlsbad Moser glassworks was already fully influenced by Neo-Classicism. The main share of the style’s implementation largely belonged to the art director of the glassworks, Leo Moser, who is also most probably the author of the design. The vase is signed on the bottom by engraved sign “Moser Carlsbad, Čecho-Slovakia”.


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