Cyril Bouda

Cyril Bouda

Just as Josef Lada, Cyril Bouda is one of the best Czech twentieth-century draftsmen and illustrators. A student of Kysela and Švabinský, he remained faithful to realistic depiction throughout his life and became a master of illustration. Certain books, such as The Autobiography by Benvenuto Cellini or Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift will always be linked with Bouda’s illustrations. Besides many illustrations, he is also known for his designs of tapestries. In his drawings, the artist displayed a strong affinity to Italian Renaissance. He was a talented narrator and had a sense of detail and humorous hyperbole. Bouda was also a dedicated teacher throughout his life. His sense of music and poetry brought him to the society of many other artists, for whom he made illustrations or portraits. Also his graphic art executed in all the classic techniques is well-known. His work experiences a period of second recognition these days.


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Cyril Bouda

* 1901, Prague, Czech republic



1919-23 Academy of Arts, Achitecture and Design, Prague
1923-26 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague