Cat | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels style Cat | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels styleCat | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels style | Around 1965
porcelain | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels styleRoyal Dux | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels styleRoyal Dux | Jaroslav Jezek | CatJaroslav Ježek | Royal Dux | Brussels style

Jaroslav Ježek | Cat | Royal Dux in Duchcov | around 1965 | Porcelain | 14 x 22 x 6 cm | Brussels Style | Porcelain, Accessories - interior, Design | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques, Design | price: EUR 118

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Figures of cats rank to one of the most popular porcelain figures by Jaroslav Ježek. They were created in the artist’s rather static period in the early 1960s. In this case, plinth substitutes the bottom part of the body which has strongly transformed physiognomy as compared to the live model. The overall proportions are balanced by a long, straight tail with curved tip. The head is dominated by eyes formed by a hole in the front part of the head. The lying and seated cat can create perfect pendants. Besides the white variant, there also exists black matt version with white eyes. The old sign Royal Dux suggests that these figures were executed in the Duchcov porcelain factory during the 1960s. These cats are published in the catalogue of the currently running exhibition “The Brussels Dream”.


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