Pheasant | Jaroslav Jezek | Around 1960
Pheasant | Jaroslav Jezek | Around 1960Pheasant | Jaroslav Jezek | Around 1960 | Brussels styleRoyal Dux | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels styleporcelain | Jaroslav Jezek | Brussels style

Jaroslav Ježek | Pheasant | Royal Dux in Duchcov | around 1960 | Porcelain | 23 x 5 x 5 cm | Brussels Style | Accessories - interior, Design, Porcelain | manufacturer's trademark | Design, Antiques | price: EUR 63

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Pheasant ranks to the series of animal sculptures by Jaroslav Ježek from the late 1950s. The small figure is solved unusually, in a horizontal way. It stands on the bottom part of the body and leans against the tip of the tail. In favor of dynamic effect, the proportions are slightly changed – the body and especially the markedly long tail are stylized to elegant curves. The head, held tight to the body, evokes a moving effect. As is suggested by the old sign Royal Dux, this figure was produced in the Duchcov porcelain factory during the 1960s. The Pheasant, along with other birds, was published in the catalogue of the presently running exhibition “The Brussels Dream”.


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