Kukubara Moneybox | Maxim Velcovsky | 2005 Kukubara Moneybox | Maxim Velcovsky | 2005czech white porcelain | Kukubara | moneybox

Maxim Velčovský | Kukubara Moneybox | Royal Dux in Duchcov | 2005 | Porcelain | 30 x 17 x 17 cm | Porcelain, Accessories - interior, Design | manufacturer's trademark | Design | price: EUR 523 incl. VAT

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“Kukubara” ranks to the re-designs characteristic of studio Qubus. Designer Maxim Velčovský somewhat improved a sculpture, originating from the first half of the 20th century, by inserting an oblong slot situated on the bird’s head, thus transforming it into a money box. Here, Velčovský again refers to the mid-18th century, i.e. a period when a porcelain figure was worth a fortune and was thus affordable for only a limited stratum of people. Today, the price of the figure can be upped by inserting money.


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