The Double Seat | Georg Leowald | around 1955
The Double Seat | Georg Leowald | around 1955furniture | double seat | designWilkhahn company | design | EuropeGeorg Leowald | Europe | sitting furniture

Georg Leowald | The Double Seat | around 1955 | 50's | Furniture | Seating, Furniture | Design | price upon request

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The Double Seat was designed by Georg Leowald (1908–1969) for Wilkhahn – a company established in 1907, which focused on progressive, modern design from the early 1950s. The item on display is based on the 227 model chair, i.e. Leowald’s design from 1955. Its legs are substituted by a footrest of brushed aluminum with two attached seats of beige laminate shell. The textile upholstering of the seating part and the backrest is in dark brown. It can be assumed that the double seat was produced simultaneously with or shortly after the above-mentioned model 227: in the latter half of the 1950s or during the 1960s.


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