Overflow area | Tereza Severova
Overflow area | Tereza SeverovaOverflow area | digital print | Tereza Severova3 | Overflow area | Tereza Severová4 | Overflow area | Tereza Severová

Tereza Severová | Overflow area | 2007 | Print | 80 x 120 x 4 cm | Photography | Contemporary art | price upon request

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Although the prints by Tereza Severová, entitled Overflow Area, can at first sight be reminiscent of views into indoor pools, they are in fact digital montages. In connection with Overflow Area, the artist speaks about transferring interiors to both functionally and visually abstracted form. The photographic series developed during 2007 in Prague. Severová works with the memory of a particular place and the memory’s possible interpretation, exploring the relation between the interior and exterior.


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< backTereza Severová | *1979, Prague, Czech republic