She Bowl | Martin Hlubucek
She Bowl | Martin Hlubucekczech glass | design | Hlubucekblack bowl | opaque glassMartin Hlubucek | glass bowl | Bohemia

Martin Hlubuček | She Bowl | Contemporary | Molten Glass | 8 x 60 x 40 cm | Glass | signed | Design, Glass | price: EUR 2 111

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The bowl “She” was designed by Martin Hlubuček of black opaque (non-transparent) glass. The bowl is executed in the technology of smelted glass sculpture. It is a sagging glass desk which is thinned towards the edges up to 5 mm. The thicker, central part has a groove with plastically modeled edge. After smelting, the entire surface was demandingly and artfully cut, polished and matted.


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