René Šulc

René Šulc

As early as during his studies, Šulc participated in a competition for an economical lighting where his design “Durynk” won and was later incorporated to the production program of the Czech company Lucis, focusing on the production of lighting accessories. Soon after his graduation, Šulc was invited to collaborate with the company on a long-term basis, and the collaboration bore extraordinary, versatile interior lights which were presented at the autumn show “designblok 08”. It was a collection of four series of lights combining the traditional Czech glassmaking technology of hand-blown glass and modern technologies in the form of composite materials and fiberglass. Apart from lighting accessories, Šulc designs furniture; for example, his sofa “Chaise-Longue” became part of the project “The Czech 100 – One Hundred Icons of Czech Design”. According to Šulc, design should not only bring new forms but, mainly, improved utility qualities and functionality, whether it is a piece of furniture, a light, or a jewel. He draws inspiration from everything around him – various events, perceptions, natural forms or even growth, as was the case of his organic lamps “Triphids”. In 2006, Šulc established his own studio Inveno which develops the designer’s experience with industrial design. His studio work mainly focuses on designing lights, furniture and product design, but also the design of medical and sanitary tools.


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René Šulc

* 1978, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic


1997 – 2003 - Academy for Arts, Architecture and Design Prague
2001 - Summer Vitra Workshop, Domaine Boisbuchet, France
2004 - Workshop Crossroads for Ideas

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