Bohumil  Waigant

Bohumil Waigant

Architect Bohumil Waigant (1885-1936) - Jan Kotěra\'s student at the Prague Art and Crafts School, well known as the author of some excellent residential houses in Prague and Hradec Kralove. He masterly united motifs of geometrical modernism with forms of the comtemporary neoclassicism. Some accordance with these buildings is reflected also in Waigant's conception of furniture based on the cotrast of huge and formally simple pieces combined with a cumulation of more decorative tinier forms. Mainly the shape of chairs, especially the arms, reflects a closer contact with rondocubism that was fashionable at that time. Some similar refined sets of furniture were made under the same circumstances in the 20ies of the 20th century, designed by Kotěra´s and Plečnikov's students František Buben, Václav Ložek or František Novák. In these sets items of geometrical modernism and neoclassicism were combined into a characteristic composition usually referred to as the Czech art deco.


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Dining Room | Bohumil  Waigant

Bohumil Waigant

* 1885, Prague