Petr Nikl

Petr Nikl

Petr Nikl embodies a cardinal phenomenon on the Czech contemporary artistic scene. His creative activities have always exceeded the scope of a painter: for Nikl is also an actor, singer, marionetteer, writer and performer. His countless projects have always been highly appreciated both by the professional and the widest public. Nikl is undoubtedly popular, even though he rather embarks on the sphere of alternative culture. At the turn of the 1990s, he was member of the legendary art group “The Stubborns”, he is the founder of the theater group Medehaha, received the prestigious Jindřich Chalupecký Prize in 1995, and was behind the 2000 group exhibition “Nests of Plays“, organized in the Prague Rudolfinum exhibition hall. He also represented the Czech Republic at the Expo 2005 world exhibition in the Japanese city of Aichi. Nikl’s paintings often return to the world of childhood, confronting innocence and discovering one’s identity, and thus in fact represent a parable about the world that was forced to abandon utopian visions and enter adulthood. Nikl is fascinated by mysteries, disguises and masks which – similarly as paintings – partially conceal their identity to viewers. The viewer, then, is the one who answers their questions. Nikl’s paintings exist in the stage of innocence even by their form, and their flawless aesthetics can also be their weird secret.


Artworks of this author offered by Prague Art & Design

Basilisk | Petr Nikl | Petr NiklWriter Jakub Deml | Petr Nikl | Petr NiklNapkin | Petr NiklCat | Petr NiklCat | Petr NiklLabyrinth | Petr NiklSphinx | Petr Nikl | Petr Nikl | Petr NiklA Bat from Behind | Petr NiklEyes | Petr NiklEYE | Petr NiklMonkey Mask | Petr NiklOrchid I, Orchid II | Petr NiklParrot with Green Wings | Petr NiklParrot | Petr Nikl | Petr NiklBaby Binder | Petr NiklRose | Petr NiklSiamese Twin | Petr NiklParrot | Petr Nikl | Petr Nikl | Petr NiklRabbit | Petr Nikl

Petr Nikl

* 1960, Zlin

Solo Exhibitions

1987 | Paintings
1991 | Time
1992 | Paintings, Objects
1993 | Extinct Toys
1994 | Mask of Holiness
1995 | Closets
1996 | My Saints
1996 | Winter Water Sprite
1998 | Cracked Fairy Tale
1998 | Like a Butterfly
1999 | A Parrot Fired to the Space
2001 | Paintings, Drawings
2002 | Garage
2003 | Orchard
2003 | Monsters
2004 | My Friends
2004 | Freaks?
2005 | Curtains
2009 | Petr Nikl - The Golem - Look for the symbol or word to revive him A tactile sculpture for drawing with light
2012 | Petr Nikl - I am Your Bunny (A Dialogue with Mum)
2013 |

Group Exhibitions




New Painting of Eastern Europe

Distant Voices

Fly MayBug, Fly
The Circus

Morning of Sorcerers?
Biennial of Young Art

Hive of Games
100 + 1

New Connection

Prague, d‘un printemps a l’autre

Oops! The Light!

And What About Are You Thinking?
EXPO 2005