Jiří Matoušek

Jiří Matoušek

Sculptor and painter Jiří Matoušek returned from his exile to the Czech Republic after 1989 and immediately began exhibiting in Prague. He first presented objects composed of round timber, which followed the parameters of stellar maps and thus resulted in geometric models of cosmic phenomena created independently on human speculation. Later he became more involved in painting, which was also related to outer space. Precise satellite photographs served him as models for painting surfaces of distant planets in black and white. The black and white palette was also applied in his paintings of jungle – a space that turned into sci-fi landscape when stripped of its abundant colors. Matoušek’s minute representations executed after photographs bespeak of our today’s incapability to devote our visual effort to something what we haven’t ourselves created and what therefore remains inaccessible to us in a certain sense. Matoušek’s suggestive canvases are unparalleled on the Czech artistic scene both due to their subjects and artistic technique.


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Jiří Matoušek

* 1949, Prague

Solo Exhibitions

1976 | Jiri Matousek
1977 | Jiri Matousek;
1980 | Jiri Matousek
1994 | Jiri Matousek
1995 | Universe for Everyday
1996 | Jiri Matousek
1997 | Jiri Matousek
1997 | Jiri Matousek
2003 | Jiri Matousek

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