David  Böhm

David Böhm

David Böhm (born 1982) studies with Professor Vladimír Skrepl at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts. His domain are drawings, ranging from minute everyday sketches to large-dimensional mural works by which he usually presents himself in galleries. Currently, the phenomenon of drawing appears as both substantial and marginal medium commenting – rather non-ambitiously – on the world of technologies. Böhm’s drawn frescoes depart from the philosophy of street work, from the timeless and almost invisible activity, while only the particular temper of the recipient decides what his drawings actually express. At first sight, they may appear as some kind of sophisticated comics, but they actually go much further. Whether it is signs, symbols or told stories, what we face is a maximum honest and spontaneous expression. The fact that the author is visually sensitive is also apparent from his attempts taken in the field of photography (sings of language in terrain) through which he captures objects as signs of language.


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David Böhm

* 1982, Prague


1997-2001SecondarySchool of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
2003-? The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague :
I.-III. Doc. Vladimír Skrepl
IV.Doc. Vladimír Kokolia
V.Doc. Valdimír Skrepl.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 | David Böhm: 100 Weeks

Group Exhibitions

Jiri Franta & David Böhm - “Out of the Blue”

Problem is Here
Jiří Franta and David Böhm: Epicentre