Veronika Drahotová

Veronika Drahotová

Veronika Drahotová the exceptional talent was admitted preliminarily to the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. She began appearing on the Czech artistic scene in a very young age, as early as in the late 1990s, seizing the interest of both the professional and wide public by her emotional, animated and almost naïve expression. Drahotová’s field of interest is figural as well as abstract painting and storytelling always seems to be part of her works. Apart from painting, however, she is also interested in other media: she designed several multimedia projects out of which, for example, the challenging rainbow-color lighting of the Prague Castle was realized in the framework of the 1998 event entitled “Work of Art in Public Space”. The artist moreover initiated the establishment of the Home gallery focused on contemporary art which she ran together with the famed Czech artist Veronika Bromová. Her works have been part of numerous exhibitions held in Czech Republic and abroad.


Artworks of this author offered by Prague Art & Design

16 | Veronika DrahotováBio-logic | Veronika DrahotováCon - fine | Veronika DrahotováTemporarily Unaccessible, 90x180cm,  | Veronika DrahotováMy World My Vision | Veronika DrahotováBoth Ways Same Time | Veronika DrahotováProgressive nervousness | Veronika DrahotováRip&Burn I. -V. | Veronika DrahotováThe Heart Script | Veronika DrahotováI Chose You | Veronika DrahotováWIDE DIVIDE | Veronika DrahotováLost in scheme | Veronika Drahotová

Veronika Drahotová

* 1975, Prague


2000: received Master of Art degree
1997 - 2000: Visual Communications Studio, lecturer J. David, (AVU), Prague, CZ
1996: passed the BA exams at AVU, Prague, CZ
1995: one-semester scholarship at the San Francisco Art Institute, USA
1993 - 96: Classical Painting Techniques Studio, Professor Beran (AVU), Prague, CZ
1992 - 93: Painting I Studio, Professor J. Sopko (AVU), Prague, CZ
1991 - 92: Vaclav Hollar High School of Applied Arts, Prague, CZ
1990 - 91: High School of Applied Arts and Technology, Prague, CZ

Solo Exhibitions

2012 | Veronika Drahotová - Sugar Choice
2013 | Veronika Drahotová: Theory of Nothing