Ladislava  Gažiová

Ladislava Gažiová

The one and only artist Ladislava Gažiová of the youngest Czech generation – who actually originates from East Slovakia and was first the student of the art school in Košice and later of the Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design – gradually moved from the peripeteia of comics images and video to spray painting. Inspiration by street art and comics is apparent here; the frequent subject of Gažiová’s painting is violence, either in the form of horror or parody and reminiscent of amateur or child’s expression. Social and political issues are the frequent subject: motifs of terrorist attacks in Moscow and Beslan, racial issues, murders and suicides. The gloomy scenes are, however, eased by references to pop culture and by the poetic character of Gažiová’s painting style. Gažiová employs the technique of graffiti and templates on natural canvas. Only few contemporary artists succeed to “get” even an experienced viewer somewhat unprepared for possible surprises, and Gažiová can. The narrative character of her paintings reminds of a short, but eloquent folk song, an inspiration by the aesthetics and ornaments of Roma communities in East Slovakia. Moreover, Gažiová is an active musician as percussionist in two music groups.


Ladislava Gažiová

* 1981, Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia

Solo Exhibitions

2013 | Ladislava Gažiová - How to build islands

Group Exhibitions