Goldscheider (Vereinigte Ateliers für Kunst und Keramik)

Goldscheider (Vereinigte Ateliers für Kunst und Keramik)


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The Viennese porcelain and ceramic manufacture, established by Friedrich Goldscheider in 1884, was initially called “Goldscheidersche Porzellan-Manufaktur und Majolicafabrik”. It was a rather small factory, since it employed only three hundred people even in the times of its greatest glory, but it still managed to successfully participate at exhibitions abroad. This success also brought along the possibility of opening several branches on the area of Czech lands, mainly in Plzeň and Carlsbad.

The factory not only produced its own ceramic and porcelain items, but was at the same time involved in decorating white wares purchased from other companies. The considerable orientation at decorating was exactly what allowed even such a small company to concentrate very high-quality and renowned painters of porcelain and ceramic in its services, who significantly contributed to its fame.

In 1907 the factory was renamed and turned into “Erste Wiener Terrakottafabrik und Atelier für Künstlerische Fayensen, Fridrich Goldscheider”. During the inter-war period, its name was once again changed to “Vereinigte Ateliers für Kunst und Keramik, Marcel Goldscheider”, but this time it was fully under the management of Friedrich Goldscheider’ successor whose name had shielded the company since.

The products were marked by an engraved inscription “MAISON” or “Maison” and sometimes were accompanied by a mark in the form of plastic sticker in the shape of a seated figure.