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Qubus Design studio


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In 2020 Jakub Berdych established Qubus with the aim to create nonstandard design shop, presenting above all contemporary czech and conceptual design of world wide known names and brands. In the same year, together with Maxim Velčovský, based Qubus Design studio.

Under the name Qubus a whole line of works and compact collections, so significant for the Qubus handwriting is produced. Both designers participate on the brand development and it's abroad crossover or a certain fame. Qubus Design studio is established with concentration on interior, architectural, installation or graphic design commissions.

The export portfolio of Qubus Design studio also adds some selected products of czech

designers (Antonín Tomášek, Milan Pekař, Hana Vítková, Patrik Illo).

In 2008 within the opening of the gallery and centre for contemporary art DOX, unique,

progressive concept of gallery shop under the DOX by Qubus name is presented. With it's unique selection, reflecting the top of Czech contemporary design scene and the conceptual works crosswise the spectrum of art and design fields.

Currently, the studio continues to work on promote the brand, presentation abroad,

interior and architectural realizations.