Business Card  Plate | Art Deco | Europe Business Card  Plate | Art Deco | EuropeBusiness Card  Plate | Art Deco | Europe | MarbleBusiness Card  Plate | Art Deco | Europe | 1920 - 1930

Business Card Plate | 1920 - 1930 | Bronze | 20 x 22 x 35 cm | Art Deco | Bronze, Accessories - interior, Marble | Antiques | price: EUR 1 154

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The oval-shaped bowl is sculpted from white marble and it most probably served as a visit-card holder. It at the same time serves as a base for a sculpture of a kneeling naked girl, which was executed in bronze and gilded in fire. The girl’s hairdo is in the style reminiscent of Classical Antiquity and her hands are clasped on her bosom in order not to hide the naked breasts. A frog holding a small crown sits on the girl’s left knee, which probably symbolizes some kind of a mythical or fairy-tale motif.


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