Opal Necklace | Jewelry | Secession Opal Necklace | Jewelry | SecessionOpal Necklace | Jewelry | Secession | 1910

Opal Necklace | around 1910 | 35 x 2 cm | Secession | Semi-precious Stones, Jewlery, Gold | Antiques | price: EUR 408

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The necklace is made of pink gold of 14 carat purity, i.e. 585/1000. Its total weight is 3.55 grams. The necklace is decorated with high-quality oval opals that were mined in the Slovak city of Dubnica. The central stone has the diameter of 5 millimeters. Six small opals form a triangle while two small opals hang down on chains. The necklace in the Art Nouveau style originates from the Austrian-Hungarian region and it can be dated to the period around 1910.


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