Girl wearing pink shorts | Goldsheider Vien Girl wearing pink shorts | Goldsheider VienGirl wearing pink shorts | Goldsheider Vien | CeramicGirl wearing pink shorts | Secession

A Girl Wearing Pink Trousers | Goldscheider (Vereinigte Ateliers für Kunst und Keramik) | around 1920 | Ceramic | 22 x 9 x 5 cm | Secession | Ceramics, Sculpture | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 384

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The oval plinth carries a figure of a barefoot, brown-haired girl whose hair is tied by a ribbon on one side. The girl wears short pink trousers and a white top tank with brown dots. The posture of the little girl is rather self-confident, almost casual and lax. The item on display represents a ceramic, enamel-painted sculpture whose style is influenced by the ceramic production of Wiener Werkstatte. The sculpture is a product of the Viennese company Goldscheider and it originates from the period around 1920.


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