Classicist Clock
Classicist ClockClassicist Clock | 18th centuryClassicist Clock | 18th century | EuropeClassicist Clock | Manufacturer's mark | Joseph Schardmihler

Classicist Clock | around 1795 | Wood | 51 x 30 x 27 cm | Classicism | Clock | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 3 691

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The clock rests on four cast legs. The prism-shaped case of the Viennese type, of black-dipped polished wood, has a garret roof decorated with Neo-Classicist brass appliqués. Both the front and the back parts are equipped with small door, the sides on the left and right have small glazed windows. The front brass panel of the mechanism is decorated with engraved floral motifs, the white varnished clock dial has Arabian ciphers. Above the dial, the rounded target bears an engraved name of the producer – Joseph Schardmihler in Grein. The mechanism is spindled, pendulum with a quarter chime to two small bells with dellaireur system. The clock originates from the territory of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and it can be dated to the period around 1800. The clock recently underwent a complete restoration, during which it received a new dial and, in part, the metal appliqués. The clock is fully functional, on which a one-year guarantee is provided.


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