Schoolgirls | Bronze
Schoolgirls | BronzeSculpture | Bronze | Around 1900Art Noveau | Paul TereszcukSculpture | Europe | Bronze

Schoolgirls | around 1900 | Bronze | 17 x 17 x 12 cm | Secession | Bronze, Sculpture | Signed | Antiques | price: EUR 2 226

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The base imitating a grassy terrain bears a threesome of young girls clad in long gowns. Two girls wearing headscarves hold books, the third one, with the hair tied into a chignon, holds a blossoming tree branch in her left hand. The sculpture is made of cast chiseled bronze with natural verdigris. The designer of the Art Nouveau bronze on display was Paul Tereszcuk, the excellent Viennese early 20th-century bronze maker.


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