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René Šulc | Medusa | Lucis | Contemporary | 160 x 44 x 44 cm | Applied Art | Accessories - interior, Design, lighting | manufacturer's trademark | Design | price: EUR 2 167 incl. VAT

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The floor lamp “Medusa”, designed by René Šulc for Lucis, is a lighting object rather than a utility lamp. It rests on three legs of matt acrylate glass. The glass head has the form of a hemisphere with a cut-off cap. The inner cupola is of matt glass. Part of the light is directed downwards through a blue, green or orange filter, part of the diffused light is directed upwards. Please check the delivery terms of the Lucis products due to the irregular operation in the producer’s glassworks. The listed price is related to the first photograph. We will appreciate to inform you about the prices of other products and about the possibility of interesting discounts in the case of purchasing several items upon your kind request.


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< backRené Šulc | *1978, Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic