Moser Vase with Engraved Horse Moser Vase with Engraved HorseNeoclassicism | Alexandrit GlassMoser | Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic

Moser Vase with Engraved Horse | Moser | 20th century | Alexandrit Glass | 32 x 14 cm | Neoclassicism | Glass, Accessories - interior | Antiques | price: EUR 1 384

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The vase stands on a prism-shaped base of a quadrate ground plan. It is followed by a small octagonal heel that develops into a body in the form of amphora, cut into eight facets. The central part is decorated with a deep engraving capturing a horse running through a landscape. The vase is made of alexandrite glass which shifts its color from blue to violet under various light conditions. The item on display is a product of the company Moser from Karlovy Vary.


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