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Jaroslav Ježek | Owlet | Royal Dux in Duchcov | around 1965 | Porcelain | 9 x 4 x 5 cm | Brussels Style | Porcelain, Accessories - interior, Design | manufacturer's mark | Antiques, Design | price: EUR 59

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The figure of owlet is one of the smallest porcelain figures created by Jaroslav Ježek. It originates from the artist’s rather static period in the early 1960s when Ježek reduced all details solely to those really signifying a given animal, and moreover heavily stylized them. In the case of the sculpture on display, these are the characteristic owl eyes which received the form of a hole that runs through the front part of the head. The wings are solely linearly outlined in negative relief. Despite its economical character, the owlet has its specific expression and the ability to invite positive emotions. Besides the white variant, there also exists a less usual version with eyes emphasized by grey under-glazing color. The sign Royal Dux suggests that the sculpture was created in the Duchcov porcelain factory during the 1960s. The porcelain originating from the 1960s is gradually becoming a highly sought-after article among collectors also thanks to the intensive response to the currently running Prague exhibition “The Brussels Dream”.


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