Royal Dux in Duchcov

Royal Dux in Duchcov


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The Duchcov ceramics manufacture was established in 1853. After it was purchased by the outstanding modeler, Educard Eichler, its production mainly focused on terracotta, faience and majolica products that were strongly influenced by the Copenhagen and Worcester genres. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the manufacture experienced enormous development and was transformed into a shareholding company Duxer Porzellan – Manufaktur, A-G. Its porcelain production was launched in the same period – which moreover witnessed the introduction of the traditional mark of the brand, bearing the symbol of acorn and the sign ROYAL DUX BOHEMIA, used to this day.

The most successful development stage of the factory was the Art Nouveau era when its main modeler was Alois Hampel. Several forms which were established at that time are produced till today. In 1904, the factory was awarded Grand Prix at the St Louis World Exhibition and, two years later, it received silver medal at the exhibition in Milan.

Huge successes at world exhibitions allowed the Duchcov porcelain manufacture to expand to numerous European countries, including Russia and the United States and to establish its own warehouses with production samples there. Equally as in the case of other porcelain factories, however, this era of flourish was interrupted by war. Although the manufacture retained the character of its previous production during the inter-war period and continued producing figural and decorative porcelain, its international business contacts were fatally broken. It was only as late as during the 1950s when it regained the lost position at foreign markets due to the unprecedented success of the collection designed by Professor Jaroslav Ježek at the Brussels EXPO 58 World Exhibition. In the following years, the traditional realistic assortment of figural porcelain was thus accompanied by the modern-spirit products with the characteristic smooth and stylized forms.

At present, the Duchcov porcelain manufacture offers its customers an inexhaustible range of products, paying maximum attention to the highest artistic as well as technological quality possible. In 1997 the Porcelain Manufacture Royal Dux Bohemia became member of the group Czech Porcelain [Český porcelán].