Ladies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain
Ladies | Jitka Forejtova | PorcelainLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | GroupLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | Brussels styleLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | 1962
Ladies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | Sitting nudesLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | DesignLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | NudeLadies | Jitka Forejtova | Porcelain | Brussels style | 1962

Jitka Forejtová | Female Figures | Royal Dux in Duchcov | 1962 | Porcelain | 24 x 12 x 14 cm | Brussels Style | Porcelain, Design, Accessories - interior | manufacturer's mark | Antiques, Design | price: EUR 71

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The series of female figures was designed for the Duchcov porcelain factory in 1962 by Jitka Forejtová who was otherwise involved in the field of studio glass. The women are represented in various seated positions while the position of their limbs and heads suggest their temper. Forejtová abstracted her sculptures from all details and sometimes also slightly transformed the figures’ proportions for the sake of desired expression. As is suggested by the old sign Royal Dux Czechoslovakia, these are products of the Duchcov porcelain factory and can be dated to the 1960s. Three of the figures on display were published in the catalogue accompanying the currently running Prague exhibition “The Brussels Dream”.


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