Soft SIM Low | Jasper Morrison | 2004 Soft SIM Low | Jasper Morrison | 2004Soft SIM Low & Stool | furniture | Vitra

Jasper Morrison | Soft SIM Low | Vitra | 2004 | Banded Tube | 69 x 58 x 65 cm | Applied Art | Furniture, Design, Furniture | Seating | manufacturer's trademark | Design | price upon request

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The “Soft SIM Low” was designed by Jasper Morrison for Vitra in 2004. Here, the designer follows up with the model “Soft SIM Chair” contrary to which the “Low” version has shorter legs and a wider seating part. This in fact resulted in a lounge chair, i.e. a kind of a comfortable chair without handrests. The ideal solution for the most comfortable seating is to rest legs on the “Soft SIM Stool”. “Soft SIM Low” is made of chromium-plated steel rods and a special material, Trikot.


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