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Vase Gallé | Secession | Around 1920Vase Gallé | Secession | SignatureVase Gallé | Secession | Detail | FranceVase | Emil Galle | France | Floral decoration

Vase Gallé | Emile Gallé | 1915 - 1925 | Layered Glass | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | etching mark Gallé | Antiques | price: EUR 5 673

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The vase on display is of cone-shaped form and prolonged neck. The base of white, opal glass was blown into form and then covered with layers of yellow and violet glass. The subsequent cutting and etching resulted in a stylish, floral décor (part of which is also the signature). This is a characteristic product of the famed company Emil Gallé, based in the city of Nancy – the centre of French Art-Deco glassmaking.


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