Gallé Vase
Gallé VaseFrance | Glass | GalléArt Noveau | Vase | Glass, metalEmile Gallé | Glass | France

Gallé Vase | Emile Gallé | 1910-1925 | Layered Glass | 41 x 15 x 15 cm | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | manufacturer's trademark | Antiques | price: EUR 5 875

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The vase rests on a rounded, slightly conical foot. The foot is set into a circular fitting bore by six small spherical feet. It is decorated with plastic vine tendrils supplemented by berries and foliage. The vase is made of opal glass layered with yellow and green glass. Cutting and etching off resulted in a landscape décor with trees and a windmill. The bottom part bears the Gallé signature. The item on display represents an exceptional piece from the production of the Emil Gallé glassmaking manufacture, based in Nancy.


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