Vase Gallé | Secession | around 1920 Vase Gallé | Secession | around 1920 Vase Gallé | Secession | Around 1920 | Detail

Vase Gallé | Emile Gallé | 1915 - 1925 | Cut Etched Glass | 12 x 8 x 7 cm | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | Gallé | Antiques | price: EUR 1 621

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The small-dimensional vase is of cone-shaped, slightly flattened, neck-less form. The base of white, opal glass was blown into form and then covered with a layer of blue-green glass. The subsequent cutting and etching resulted in a stylish floral decoration which also embraces the Gallé signature. The vase was produced around 1920, but still in the spirit of the then-démodé Art Deco. It represents a typical product of the famed company Emil Gallé from the city of Nancy.


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