Vase Gallé | Secession | Around 1920 | Emil Gallé Vase Gallé | Secession | Around 1920 | Emil GalléVase Gallé | Secession | Around 1920 | Signature

Vase Gallé | Emile Gallé | 1915 - 1925 | Layered Glass | 15 x 9 x 9 cm | Secession | Glass, Accessories - interior | Gallé | Antiques | price: EUR 1 702

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The small vase is of rounded shape and has a prolonged, cylindrical neck. The basis of white opal glass was blown into form and then layered with glass in violet color. Cutting and etching resulted in the stylized hydrangea decoration. The bottom part bears decoration composed of a stem grown with leaves and a signature. The neck is decorated with flowers. The vase was created around 1920 but still in the spirit of the already non-fashionable Art Nouveau. It is a representative product of the Nancy-based company Emil Gallé – the most famous French glassworks in that period.


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