Matroska set | porcelain | Maxim Velcovsky  

Maxim Velčovský | Matroska Set | Qubus Design studio | 2005 | Porcelain | 18 x 9 x 9 cm | Applied Art | Porcelain | Signed | Design | price: EUR 174

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The Matryoshka Set was designed by Maxim Velčovský in 2005. As it is characteristic of him, he transformed its form from a different material, in this case wood, to white glazed porcelain. In the set, Velčovský smartly copes with the 50-year Russian cultural influence whose symbol is the matryoshka doll. While the entire surface of the largest doll is decorated with color printing, the medium one is white from head down and the only color part of the smallest doll is the face, which results in an interesting visual effect. The number of the desired material is limited. Please verify the availability of the original item before ordering.


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